jeudi 31 juillet 2008

You know you go to Vassar when...

Edit : les mots en rouge sont des liens hypertexte ...

A moins d'un mois
du départ, voici venu le temps d'inaugurer enfin ce nouveau blog, qui complète, et sans doute remplacera pour l'année prochaine l'ancien. Et pour ce premier article, plutôt que de vous réciter l'article wikipedia sur Vassar College, voici quelques extraits d'un groupe facebook (en anglais certes, mais quand même !) intitulé, vous l'aurez deviné, You know you go to Vassar when ...

- you have seen Lisa or Meryl walking around in sunglasses
- seeing people walking around barefoot isn't odd,
- a guy riding around on a woman's pink bike is not unusual,
- you know that hippies aren't just people who lived in the 1960's, and you miss seeing them when you are home for break (or after you graduate)

- the College Republicans don't exist
- debating politics and philosophy are ways of flirting,
- you get excited for the guest speaker at graduation, especially if they're political and controversially liberal.
- you have a longer fall break than any of your friends-and it's because students needed more time to protest during Vietnam

- the campus shuttle runs on bio-diesel
- you are in love with a woodchuck or squirrel,
- you can have afternoon tea in a National Historic Landmark,
- review for art history can consist of walking around campus and looking at the buildings
- you and everyone you know on campus has at one time or another stopped in the middle of the sidewalk looked at a building, and loudly proclaimed its beauty

- there are condoms anywhere and everywhere,
- there are teams for polo, ultimate frisbee, and quidditch, but no football,
- you have a school holiday dedicated to drinking,
- there are no beer bottles in the trash can... but it's because everyone recycles.